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Sincerely thank you from all of the GatewaySystems team for visiting our websites and employing our products and services. See our contacts and other info at the end of the feature.

We are very concerned with the security of your private data and individuality as a whole. Further on, you can find out how and for which exact purposes your private data is manipulated and processed within the confines of our establishment.

In order to stay as transparent as possible with our users, we created this here feature that describes the specifics of the usage and disclosure of data acquired by as well as through the employment of our services. Personal data confidentiality is a serious matter to us and we would never go as far as sell your emails or other database items.

The right to customize upon the necessity the Privacy Policy items for any purpose and at any specific time remains reserved by the GatewaySystems. You will be notified prior to any corrections or additions via email or by posting the respective info on our website.

What type of information we collect?

The standard contact info – name and email address, is gathered through our website forms. We may not consider your requests and inquiries and we may also be unable to provide you with our Services if you choose to not provide us with your personal info.

Some of the other personal data acquired from you or from other public resources on the web, like name of your business, position, full name, and other may also be processed.

There are respective reasonable purposes for that:

  • We collect the name of your business to establish the highest possible level of communication quality with you as an authorized user.
  • The obtained job position can help us adjust our direct marketing strategy and analyze our user audience.
  • Your full name, particularly the last name is acquired only for the communication enhancement.

What are the purposes of collecting and processing the data?

The specific type of your personal data, as well as the particular reason for collecting it by GatewaySystems, will be the decisive factors for the legal basis of our collecting it in the first place if your private data is under the EU data protection law. Nevertheless, generally, there are three common reasons for our obtaining personal data from the users:

  • For the purpose of making a deal or signing a contract
  • In cases where your data is in public access and its acquisition is legitimate and harmless
  • We perform the collection of info upon your consent.
  • GatewaySystems may be legally obliged, in certain cases, to collect your or other person’s info – all for the sake of protecting your privacy.

Third-Party Processing tools

In order to efficiently analyze traffic volumes and data trends to increase our Services and Websites overall performance we employ certain third-party tools. Those allow for autonomously collecting and storing the browser-sent info (web page request data) which may highlight the history of you browsing our website, info on your browser plugins and add-ons. It also enables us to enhance our products quality.

Thus, take to notice that your personal data may be stored in the side CRM, mail-management, and other automating and marketing-oriented software. This Policy also comes into play in cases where your info must be disclosed to a third-party establishment or otherwise. In all situations where GatewaySystems discloses Personal Information to third parties acting as service providers or “agents“ on behalf of GatewaySystems, we will require the recipient to protect and only use Personal Information in accordance with this Policy.

How long will your data are kept?

All the data is deleted or archived right after the initial purpose for gathering it becomes obsolete. However, there are cases when the data must be continuously stored or archived in accordance with particular legal obligations and regulations.

What we do to protect the data?

We provide high-level security for all the data by the administrative, physical, and technical means without any unauthorized alterations or modifications. We also sufficiently manage and influence how the third-party establishments manipulate your personal data upon receiving it and strictly manage all the possible accesses to it.

Your rights

You may rely on the following data security rights if your data is under the EU data protection law:

  • Contact GatewaySystems directly to get an access to, request to remove, or edit your personal data if necessary.
  • You may request us to stop processing the info that you provided upon your previous consent by withdrawing the initial consent, in which case we are obliged to cease any processing.
  • Contact your local regulator if you are situated in the EU or contact us directly to express any complaints or otherwise concerning your personal data manipulations.

Who will we share your data with?

We never sell any info to any parties and always provide it to third parties strictly adhering to this here policy.

The third-party companies that handle such measures as order shipping and customer support and help us conduct our servicing operations may also be provided with your info for the sake of your improved user experience. All the parties are authorized to process your data upon the strict necessities.

Other mediums to which your info may be disclosed as well as additional reasons:

  • Related to our company advertisers and ads networks that may use your info for the relevant ads generation and distribution analysis. Only the aggregate data on the users is provided in such cases, never any particular info items;
  • Business partners, agents and sub-contractors of GatewaySystems;
  • Providers of third-party analytics tools and frameworks that help us automate and facilitate our internal data processing routine and thus make our services more accessible to our users;
  • If the court or any other competent legal body requests the acquisition of your data, we must oblige on the legal basis.
  • Upon your consent, the data may be shared with any third-party whatsoever.


If you want to delete your personal data from our storages and archives, or have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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